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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Everyone! I have changed my blog address to


Do change your link !

prIssytaggeD.* 2:27 PM

Sunday, June 28, 2009

went to Robin's 21st birthday chalet.
it was quite ok.
and many people were in green!
i was wearing turquoise top.
and the cake was Choc Exotic from Four Leaves.
Nice cake because it has the wafer layer! but a tad too sweet coz of the overwhelming chocolate fudge.
then headed to bowling with dear.
just watched him play because I was tired already.
his score is not bad for both games! :)

suffering from cramps now.
the time of the month always make me weak and no appetite.
didn't ate much for dinner just now also.

P.S. on a random note, we both said 'I Love You' to each other.

prIssytaggeD.* 8:45 PM

Saturday, June 20, 2009

had work from 12pm to 8pm today.

then after that, met family for advanced father's day dinner at Aston's.
I had black pepper chicken. serving a bit small la.
think is because i was too hungry. hehe.
but the chicken is thumbs up!

did some shopping at Giant and i saw this lovely dino!

simply cute la!
i sent this picture to dear through MMS and he said how come the head so big de?

tmrw will be meeting dear and then cannot contact him for a week.
but the following week, i can see him again! :D

prIssytaggeD.* 11:12 PM

Monday, June 15, 2009

on 13th, met dear at around dinner time.
had dinner at his place and then off we head to the PC show to buy his graphics card.
then as dear is hungry, we got cookies with soyabean milk and headed to Marina Barrage!

here are some silly photos of us:

and some nice ones:

and right on 13th, when it struck midnight, dear was driving.
we both wished each other happy 2 years 4 months!

i <3 you dear !

prIssytaggeD.* 5:46 PM

Sunday, June 07, 2009

finally got to swim on sat!
my arms are a bit red after that, probably got sunburnt. lol.
went to dear's friend's (rubun) 's birthday chalet.
when dear drove past the old changi hospital, i honestly didn't feel good.
the building looks creepy and old.
the birthday cake is very chocolatey but nice.
heard it is bought from a hotel but forgot the name. hehe.
i was filling my stomach with endless orange syrup until i feel too bloated and just rested.

then the next day, had to report to work at 8am.
darn early man. but work is not that tiring so i don't mind. :)
looking forward to the next time i see dear dear!

prIssytaggeD.* 9:38 PM

Friday, June 05, 2009

recently there is one customer who praised me that i did the wrap very well.
and i am so happy with myself.
suddenly my confidence was boosted greatly.
it was my first time doing wrap and his praise really made my day and gave me confidence.
i guess i am still going to carry on working at subway when sch reopens although it maybe be demanding and tough.
but i can't bare to leave my colleagues whom i have started to form bonds with.
they are a bubbly and cheerful bunch of people.
working doesn't seem like a chore to me.
in fact, i am looking forward to every single day of work with them.

prIssytaggeD.* 8:52 PM

Monday, June 01, 2009

everyday is like work work and more work.

met dear on a saturday.
and we went to collect the jerseys! orange-black is cool !
I have one too! mine is prissy printed on the back with number 23! ;p
then after that was playing restaurant city at his house and football from 10pm to 12 midnight! haha. the match was quite slow-paced at first. then subsequently it somehow got better..
congrats to Chelsea for winning the FA cup! Three cheers ! =D

prIssytaggeD.* 8:17 PM